Skyville is an artist development and publishing company located in Nashville, Tennessee. It is owned by Music City icons Paul Worley and Wally Wilson.

Paul is a legendary record producer, musician, and record executive that has been in the business of discovering and developing talent for over thirty years. He has won five Grammy Awards and many CMA and ACM awards, plus countless BMI and ASCAP awards. The stars he has taken to the top include The Dixie Chicks, Martina McBride, Big and Rich, The Band Perry, Lady Antebellum and literally dozens more.

Wally Wilson has been creating hits for over thirty years as well, and is first and foremost an accomplished hit songwriter, publisher, record producer and musician. He has received numerous ASCAP and BMI awards, and has written songs for and worked with many legendary artists in the studio and on the road, including Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Joan Baez, Patty Loveless, Joe Cocker and countless others. He began his musical adventure as a honky tonk piano player in Texas, and worked with many R&B legends such as Jimmy Reed, Bo Diddley and Gatemouth Brown.

Skyville was formed as a vehicle for these two to do what they have always done: Discover world class talent and assist them in realizing their dreams.

Skyville is located in a funky old house at the crest of a big hill in what is known as the Berry Hill area of Nashville. Many comparisons have been made between this place and the original Motown house in Detroit. Skyville has built a state of the art recording studio and control room in a former bedroom, and the large back room turned rehearsal area is covered in old-fashioned fifties-era acoustical tiles. Deer heads, skeletons, Christmas lights and assorted trivia cover the walls. Several of the artists that are currently on the radio and enjoying enormous success have honed their skills in the back room of Skyville, and written some of their biggest hits in the writer’s rooms upstairs.  
























































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